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Accessing Akashic Records

by nanoshrine


Released on Kaiseki Digital


Connection | 0:00 - 2:49
Access Granted | 2:50 - 9:08
Hall of Memories | 9:09 - 13:06
The Forbidden Chapters | 13:07 - 16:19
Disconnection | 16:20 - 17:43
Infinite Wisdom | 17:44 - 25:00

"The Akashic Records refer to a database of every word, thought or action that is stored energetically and encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. They are said to contain the information of every Soul or Being in the cosmos. The Records are continually updated, with each new thought, word or action that every Soul or entity makes. The Akashic Records therefore contain the energetic prints about the origination and journey of every Soul through its lifetimes. They connect each of us to one another.

Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “sky”, “space” or “aether”. To aid in visualization, most describe the Akashic Records metaphorically as a library. Others likened it to be a “Universal Computer”, the “Mind of God”, the Cosmic or Collective Consciousness, the Collective Unconscious or the Collective Subconscious. Akashic Records is not physically an out-there thing. It is the speck of divinity within us that allows us to access the field of the Akashic Records.

We read the Akashic Records from the Now Time Line. All about the past, present and future is brought into the “Now” to be read. We get a glimpse into the journey and the path of a Soul through the Universe. A reading into your Akashic Records is to let your Soul have a voice. We identify what past traumas and obstructions there are that have left an energetic imprint. By doing so, we exercise the grace and intent to release them.

Your being walks in greater awareness from the time you have your Akashic Records read. It is less important to know who you have once been. Of greater significance, it is who you are in the process of becoming. The past and a sense of who you are at Soul level provides a framework of information with which to work. What you ultimately do with the knowledge is still a matter of free will and choice.

For each lifetime, you undergo experiences which would enable your soul to connect back to the Divine. The ultimate benefit of finding out your own Akashic Records is essentially to realize your Oneness with God/The Universe/Spirit."


released February 24, 2017



nanoshrine Los Angeles, California

Welcome to the shrine.

nano神社 (✪㉨✪)

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